Monday, 30 March 2015

My dream come true

Saturday 28 march.
Off we go. Mum Dad Tess and me are going to Australia to see my cousins and aunties as well as my uncles. We get in the car and off we go to the airport we couldn't find a carpark it took about 10 minutes to find a carpark but in the end we found a carpark and it was the furthest park as you thought.
This is me and Tess in the airplane going to Australia. At the end our ears started to hurt, so mum let us have some chewing gum.
When we got here I went fishing for fish. I didn't catch anything.

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  1. We hope you have a great time Troy. We hope you have a lovely Easter. We hope you have a lot of fun. We look forward to reading more about your trip.
    Miss Ogle and Room Totara