Wednesday, 10 December 2014

my minecraft land

welcome  to  my  minecraft  land.  where  everything  is  made  of  blocks  and  my  name  is  troy. You  can  build  what ever  you  want.  I  built  a  big  house  200  feet  long  can  you  imagine  climbing   that  high.  This  isn't   my  world   this  is  stampys   world   me  and  stampy  are  good  friends.


  1. Hey Troy! I love hearing about your Minecraft adventures. I love the way you opened your writing with "Welcome to my Minecraft land." I love how you included a question too. Make sure you proof read your work and put in punctuation. That will help your readers to understand what you want to say. :-) I can't wait to read about your ROAD TRIP to Te Kuiti.